I currently write two weekly columns. Each has a slightly different voice.

In the Western Morning News I write “Huers Call” the featured Monday opinion column.

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“Old Mike” is an opinion column in The Cornishman every Thursday, in which I am granted considerable freedom – within the laws of libel and decency –  to tackle any subject I like.

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In the West Briton I wrote “Sidetracks” under my own name, a slightly longer column (600 words), which usually had a rural or sideways slant on its subject matter. Subjects ranged from the problems of rural homelessness to my last farewell to an ancient Volvo.

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My monthly column appeared in the colour magazine Cornwall Today under the pseudonym “Cornubian”, usually a light, easy looked at aspects of Cornish life. Finished Jan 2012.

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The Cornishman ran “Country Byways”,  an obviously rural theme. I am no naturalist but have lived in the country most of my life and know its ways well. My column was not full of latin plant names but hopefully provided real insights into rural life, sometimes light, sometimes more thoughtful and elegiac.

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I enjoy writing columns very much and have delivered a good body of work for over ten years, to time, length and deadline. I would always be interested in discussing more.

From time to time when asked I also write longer features, in these publications and others. I cannot write about contemporary urban lifestyle solutions, but can write with some authority on the countryside, wildlife, the sea, Cornwall in all its aspects, art, theatre, music (from traditional English folk-song to punk rock), politics, rugby (local), football (national), lifeboats, schools, and Scottish Terriers. And much more.

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