<h3>Extract from Serpentine<h3/>

“A greater draw than the hard and sometimes dangerous quarry work was the growing complex at Poltesco (Near Ruan Minor). From the basic core of a water-wheel attached to the remnants of a few fish-cellars, the new workshops marched towards the sea, covering more and more ground until they reached the old capstan-house. The fruits of its prosperity were re-invested time after time in new plant, equipment and buildings. The workforce grew from a dozen or so to as many as 65 or more, depending on the size of the orders in hand. By the early 1860s the wheel was demoted to a secondary power source, as the company proudly installed their own steam engine.

The cove began to change its nature, from quiet fishing cleft to an industrial landscape, full of noise, smoke, discarded equipment, spoil tips, depots of stone, coal, timber and straw for packaging, dust everywhere, ringing to the sound of saws, chisels, hammers, the chugging of the steam engine, the rumbling of the wheel, the grinding and sanding of the stone, the shouting of orders and the human sounds of men at work, against the constant background of the sea beating on the shingle.”

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