About St Michaels Mount

Extract from About St Michaels Mount

“The Mount’s access to the high seas gave it a value far in excess of a landlocked castle. No longer could it exist as a sparsely defended priory. Henry VIII was now on the throne and his personal needs as well as his mistrust of Rome led him to radical solutions. Unable to bring the monasteries under his control, he simply did the unthinkable and made away with them, distributing their lands amongst his friends. Among them was Syon Abbey, dissolved in 1539, and with it St Michaels Mount.

For strategic reasons the Mount was considered too important to meet the same fate as so many of its fellow priories. The buildings were not pulled down, and the C14th church still stands as the centrepiece of the castle. But the faithful line of clergy, whose attendance had lasted unbroken for a thousand years, were sent away.”

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