Being careful what you wish for



Where to begin?

Let’s start with a big thank-you to Andrew George, an MP who’s served constituents of whatever political colour with hard work, diligence and willingness to put Cornwall first for so many years. He’s set a standard we’ll be lucky to see matched for a very long time.

Let’s give the supporters of UKIP and the Labour Party their due for backing their declared beliefs and the parties to which they were pledged.

To the Greens and Mebyon Kernow I can only say – ?? In our ridiculous electoral system there are no prizes for anyone but the winners. This might have been the time to look at the wider picture, as seen below.

To Conservative voters, congratulations. Your man won and will now represent us all in Westminster.

Just to remind you, the Conservative victory means that several new things will happen and other things that might have happened won’t. For example:

-The Mansion Tax won’t happen. This helps London Estate Agents, but won’t benefit many in Penwith.

– A £3,000 reduction in annual student tuition fees won’t happen.

– In rented property the capping of rents, abolition of agency fees and the extension of leases won’t happen. This may please many landlords, but possibly not their children.

– A rise in the minimum wage won’t happen anytime soon, nor will legislation about zero-hours contracts. The party is dedicated to private business interests before all else.

– Abolition of the Bedroom Tax won’t happen

– Increased rates on empty second homes won’t happen

– The Referendum to leave the EU will happen, and will dominate political life for the next two years.

– The move to abolish the European Convention on Human Rights will begin.

– Increased personal surveillance will happen.

– HS2 will happen, and will sop up the transport budget for years to come. Sorry Dawlish…

– Trident will happen.

– 500+ new unregulated Free Schools will happen.

– Fracking will go ahead with all speed. Hopefully the Home Counties won’t mind the possibility of earthquakes and disturbance to their water supplies.

– Privatisation and centralisation of the NHS will speed up.

– Vast housing developments will happen on greenfield sites but will not include any social housing for rent. Social housing stocks will be further reduced by extending the Right to Buy.

– Regional Wages, the proposal to pay public sector employees – nurses, teachers, etc –  less in low-pay areas like ours will probably rise from the pit into which the Lib Dem coalition partners pushed it.

– The Universal Credit System, the proposal to roll six different benefits including Housing Benefit and Working Tax Credits into one single monthly payment will happen, and will join the list of great public IT disasters, giving distress to countless families on the way.

– £12,000,000,000 will be cut from a social welfare system which is already beyond crisis level locally, though we still haven’t been told how.

Cut out and keep this list until 2020. If that wasn’t quite what you had in mind for a poor area like West Cornwall, if you voted to punish the past rather than considering the prospects for Cornwall’s future, perhaps you weren’t really listening; but you’re still responsible.

To the other group, the second largest at 16,258 who didn’t bother to turn out and vote at all, polite words fail me.

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